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The situation in Luhansk: LPR Government headed by a new "headman"

The unrecognized Luhansk People"s Republic has a new Prime Minister – a former Minister of Defense Ihor Plotnytsky.

LPR Government has a new "headman"

A source close to the LPR authorities said it to "RIA Novosti". According to the source, Plotnytsky took up the post of the resigned Valery Bolotov.

The situation in Luhansk: August 14, the LPR leader Valery Bolotov said he was resigning because of injuries. At the same time, he noted that, after consultation with the colleagues from the executive and legislative powers Ihor Plotnytsky was assigned to lead the LPR.

In May 2014, Ihor Plotnytsky was appointed as a Minister of Defense of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People"s Republic.

Earlier, Plotnytsky informed Russian media that the pro-Russian militants soon would have its own aircraft. After capturing SU-25, the LPR separatists decided to create their own air force.

According to Russian media, at the end of February 2014 in the eastern Ukraine there have been mass anti-government protests, which were the "response of the local residents to a violent change of power in the country and the subsequent attempt to cancel the law granting the Russian language the status of a regional language by Verkhovna Rada".